"Do we have any couples in the house?—-yeah! young people, you still believe in love.—-good fucking luck with that!"
Eyedea (Michael Larsen)
"I’m caught between wanting to punch someone in the face and putting a bullet in my head to leave the human race"


I refuse to let past bruises cover the light

It ain’t all good but it’s all good enough so I know I’m all right.

Eyedea   (via s-o-u-l-r-e-b-el)

"we keep our mirrors dirty in case vanity backfires" - Eyedea
"They told me how to know everything except my soul."
Even Shadows Have Shadows by Eyedea (via failcatlilo)
"So she’d hide the desire to die, but if you paid close attention you could see the sorrow in her eyes. Walking around in the only real hell, no one would ever think she’d have such a story to tell."
Eyedea (Bottle Dreams)
"Twisted, living off each other’s sickness, like parasites. This is paradise."
Eyedea (via lay-your-empty-down)
"I’v hidden in the darkness for too long
I make it look alright, but on the inside it’s all wrong"
Eyedea (via eatingbacon7)
"She insists she’s in love with me, whatever that is. What she means is she prefers the senseless pain we inflict on each other to the pain we would otherwise inflict on ourselves."

"I’m fucked up in the head, close my eyes cause I see demons around my bed. So depressed, open ‘em up hoping I’m dead ."


I find this really touching
"We are not defined by how hard we fall, so dust yourself off and stand tall. You can make it, of this I’m sure, just spread your wings and you will soar."
Logic - As I Am (via ryanxjayy)